The ULTIMATE Baby Registry

The ULTIMATE Baby Registry

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When I was pregnant with my first, I was one of the first of my friends on The Mom Journey and was looking for advice on what to put on my baby registry. I walked into one of the big box stores and became super overwhelmed and walked out. I decided that I wanted to do my registry online from the comfort of my home. Nothing at all against doing it with the scanner gun at the store, it was just not for me. 🙂

A friend sent me her must-have list and it was so helpful. Flash forward six years later and I’ve been building and sharing my must-have baby list registry with friends and family ever since.

IMO, the easiest way to share a baby registry or wish list is through Amazon. There are many online registries, I used Target Baby Registry as well, but Amazon is the most comprehensive to get as many things as possible from. Plus, who doesn’t love how easy it is to buy something from Amazon?

With that said, I recently became an Amazon Influence, mostly to share different products that I’m often asked about. I started with The ULTIMATE Baby Registry but will be adding First-Time Homeowners, For the DIYers, Gardeners, Entertainers, Holiday Kids Lists, Holiday Must-Haves and more!

Keep in mind you do NOT need all of these things to have a happy and healthy baby. They are products of a modern world that provide a little extra comfort for you and baby.

Below are my a few of my favorites from this list (all images from

1. Windi by fridababy


Both of my boys were super gassy but my experience with both was completely different thanks to the Windi. With my first, I had to slip prune juice in his bottles and rub his tummy for hours to help him release gas – and even then he required a few baby enemas. With my second I saw these and thought I’d throw them in my registry to try them out. LIFESAVER is all I can say. You’ll want to use these conservatively by putting these up your baby’s bum and helping to release trapped gas – your baby will thank you.


2. Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit


I was blessed with two bad sleepers, although I smartened up with my second and sleep-trained at 6 months (which is a whole other post). I tried every swaddle out there and this is really a magical sleep suit. I used this from about 3-7 months until he wanted to roll over. Transitioning out of it for us was easy although I’ve heard some have troubles. The first couple of months we used the Love to Dream and looooooved it.

3. DockATot-Delux


This is a bit of splurge item, but I did enjoy it the first few months for cosleeping. I found it super helpful to be able to rollover and grab baby Remy to BF and place him back after his feeding session. I felt he was safe and cozy in this and I liked how I could take it around the house with me from room to room. This was in addition to our Fisher Price Rock n Play – I used both for different times. It cleaned up amazingly well and kept it’s shape after every wash, just follow the directions.

4. Medela Freestyle Breast Pump


This is the breast pump I used for both boys. Unfortunately most insurances do not cover this one, but be sure to check. The hands-free nursing bra is critical with this bad boy. I also suggest getting a hand-pump to carry in your diaper bag. This is great for long car rides or other times where you can’t feed or do a big ole pump session. Like a long car ride.

5. Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Crib Soother and Baby Night Light


Ohhhh the beloved sound machine. At 5 and 1/2 Hayden still uses his at night. No matter which one you get, I suggest you get one! White noise helps mimic the noises from the womb, not to mention helps to drown out older siblings fighting in another room. I also suggest one that has some sort of nightlight to it so that it’s multi-functional.

Check out the full list here and start your own baby registry on Amazon here.  It’s super easy to click on any of my items and add them to your registry! Share with any would-be mamas and let me know what other lists you would want to see in the future!




I have not been paid by any of these specific brands, however I am affiliated with Amazon.

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