For Sale

For Sale. Two words I did not think would come out of my mouth in terms of our home for a very long time. It’s even more shocking than my not writing a blog post for 3 years, well…maybe that’s not too shocking.

We purchased our current home in 2014 and spent a full year renovating it. We lived with Brandon’s parents for 6 months of that time. Hayden was only about a year old, we have some great memories from those months. We also have some blood, sweat and tears during that time going through the LARGEST renovation we’ve been involved with. 3k + sq ft of renovation. Yes, every inch was touched. As an example, we remodeled all wall corners of the home to be rounded to better achieve our Spanish / Santa Barbara style home.

I wish I had been better about posting our story along the way. HGTV really provides a pretty skewed perspective about renovation in many ways. You cannot buy a home for $100k and then spend $50k on it to have a Chip and Jo house, unless you live in Waco and hire Chip and Jo. But, I love that show nonetheless. Renovations are hard, especially if you are doing a lot of DIY or managing subs on your own – which is essentially what we did with the help of my dad.

When we first walked into the home, I fell in love with the main room. I think there’s still a post with some before photos of the house. It was classic 80’s but the bones were AHHMAZING. Brandon and I were seeing stars (and dollar signs) as we walked through. We loved it so much so that we decided to sell our beloved Cypress home.

Fast forward 4 years and here we are. For Sale. We don’t have a good reason for selling, other than our gut telling us it’s time to move on.  There is a home we’ve been eyeing for a couple of years and have notified the owners of our interest, but it may take some time for that to pan out. We always knew that this wasn’t our forever home, but it’s still very bittersweet to say goodbye – that is – assuming it sells!

We’ve been busy this month getting her in tip top shape. Refinishing the floors, touch up painting, new landscaping, scrubbing baseboards, dusting every stair railing, etc.

Tonight I’ll go home to stage the home to sell and will be thinking of all the great memories we’ve made in this home. Whoever buys it will inherit some great vibrations of happiness, love and laughter. In the meantime, here’s some images from our professional photographer Aaron Eriksson from Hub Media.

Thanks for following our journey and for all the kindness you’ve showed throughout the years. I promise to stay more on top of our next project. Trust me, it’s gonna be a good one.



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