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custom wood garage doors

Garage doors are not the sexiest thing to think about when renovating a home. They often get passed over but can make a huge difference for the appearance of your home as well as boost your home’s appraisal value. We were hit with a double whammy on this renovation, having to replace two full-sized outdated and sad garage doors.

Attached Garage Before
Detached Garage Before

Our hunt for the new doors began and we had to make the decision between faux wood doors, or wooden overlay – essentially the “real” wooden garage doors versus metal painted to look like wood. The quotes were all over the map, until we found Santiago at Roadrunner Garage Doors.

Santiago came out to the house and was extremely friendly and professional. He brought samples and ideas for us to choose from, explaining that our doors would be fully custom and locally manufactured in Phoenix, AZ. His doors are cypress wood overlay, stained or painted any color you want. This was a huge bonus as it didn’t limit us to matching the stain in the rest of the house with the closest option a company had. They used the exact same dark walnut that we are using elsewhere. While the stain will need to be touched up every few years depending on sun damage, we went this route versus paint to avoid chipping. Plus, it offers the more authentic real wood look.

The best part about these doors? They were half the price of other competitors (even cheaper than Home Depot!) and also less expensive than the faux wood option we had quoted.

Our price included all new tracks, motors, sensors and installation. The installation for both doors took one full day.

While Roadrunner Garage Doors in Phoenix is nearly impossible to find online and was referred to us by our iron subcontractor, you can contact Santiago at 623-842-2300. They are fully licensed and do amazing work! If you don’t live in Phoenix, be sure to shop around! We found this purchase to be one of the most widely varying priced items/services during this renovation.

Attached Garage Door After
Both garage doors after


Once the smooth stucco is complete and the exterior is painted, these will really pop!


Brandon + Summer

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