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Let me start by saying, the hardest job in the world has to be “stay at home mom.” So underrated and the pay is awful. I’ve seen so many awesome perspectives written on the matter lately. To you momma, I tip my hat wholeheartedly at the load you carry.

Today, I turn the focus to the workforce momma. The guilt ridden, career driven, or simply no other choice momma that grinds in the office and whose work does not end when you walk in the door momma.

While entertaining a client for lunch today, I was only feet away from a splash pad filled with kids and moms and dads alike. I saw you, you saw me. I felt the guilt, for you being there with your kiddo, and me playing my role in the workforce. I also saw how hard it was for you to chase down the two toddlers running wild throughout the area. You may have thought I gave you a “look,” but don’t worry, it was only one of A) guilt, B) jealousy and C) pride in knowing that I do have both and that my time is just more segmented.

I also saw the look you gave me. One of A) must be nice to have lunch without scarfing it down in one bite and B) “don’t judge me, I had a career once too, and I gave it up to raise my children.” To you I say, I get ya sister, and you made a good decision! And so did I.

And to my son, I may only get to kiss the monitor goodbye in the morning, look like a wreck when I get home, don’t make homemade organic food for you, and read about half the words in Goodnight Moon, but I love you more than all the stars in the sky – and I will make you proud of how hard your mommy works when she can’t be with you.



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  1. Summer! This made me teary eyed. Am I pregnant?! Haha, jk. But seriously loved this. I have been a little bit of both and neither are easy. I’ve been the full time office mom (prob will be again soon), and I’ve been fortunate enough to be a work from home stay at home mom for the last three years. It’s not a bad gig, but I almost feel more guilty for being home with my kids and not being able to devote much time to them because I’m also working. In any case, we are doing the best we can and just have to be present with the time we’ve got. No phones, no computers, no Facebook, no instagram – just us, our babies and unconditional love.

    Well said mama. You are a rock star!


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