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With the new home, we knew we wanted a front door that made a statement and reflected the Spanish Revival feel we are going for. After scouring custom door companies, we came across Home Redesign Center based in Laguna Hills, CA. They were great to work worth, and have a wide variety of wrought iron doors and examples on their website to browse – in addition to anything custom wrought iron that you may need.

We started with a few styles we liked and had them mock-up sketches based on our ideas. Brandon took a design he liked and tweaked it to be a single door vs. double.

Front door sketch
Front door sketch

Things to consider when ordering doors:

  • Single vs. Double
  • Shape: Straight/Eye-Brow/Half-Moon
  • Opening: In-swing right handed/In-swing left handed/Out-swing right handed/Out-swing left handed
  • Finish/color
  • Glass type: Clear/Water Cube/ Sandblasted/Rain/Aquatex


Once we started the process with the front door, we decided to commission them to also do our wine door “while we’re at it.” The sketch had a few too many grape bunches going on, so we cut those down to about half of what you see here.

Wine door sketch
Wine door sketch


Wine Door


Lucky for us our good friend┬áHunter lives in Laguna and was nice enough to drive them out to us. (All it took was a little trade in brew and 4th of July festivities!). ┬áHere’s a sneak peek on how the doors turned out. More soon once the front entrance gets framed out for the new door!


Brandon & Summer

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