turning the corner after only two weeks

It’s hard to remember what this house looked like just a few weeks ago. It is truly unrecognizable. Today we turned the corner after only two weeks and some change, and started “adding” to the house versus demolishing it. Since so much has happen since we started our journey, we put together a quick recap of what’s been done during the demo period.

  1. Tore down dining room wall and soffits (this video is on our Facebook)
  2.  Complete demo of existing kitchen (also part of the video above)
  3. Air ducts above hallways removed (to be re-routed in attic) to allow for more height
  4. Kitchen cabinets re-installed in garage for storage
  5. Carpet and tile removed throughout entire house
  6. Old radio and intercom systems removed
  7. Master and guest bathrooms gutted
  8. Drywall on ceiling and walls removed from master bedroom to prepare for future beamed ceiling
  9. Tiles removed from roof to allow for other work
  10. Six large over-grown live trees trimmed
  11. Demo of outside bar/countertop
  12. Exposed drywall in 3rd bedroom for next phase of enclosing small balcony
  13. Dug out 10 tons of concrete and dirt in the family room for new sunken living room (yes we said sunken, believe us it will look amazing)
  14. Went through 6 dumpsters


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