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spanish revival dream home

Wow! I can’t believe how quickly time flies when you’re having fun (or taking care of a baby, buying a new home, selling the current one and starting new business ventures). HOWEVER, we’re back to posting and thrilled to share with everyone our newest adventure – turning this wonderful-boned 80’s house into the Spanish Revival home of our dreams.

Located in North Central Phoenix on the beautiful tree-lined Central Ave, this gem was a diamond in the rough and was just waiting for someone to come along and give it some TLC.

Check out The 2 Minute Tour  – the pics don’t do it justice!

We’re less than two weeks in with almost all demo completed. We’ve been moving fast but with our project list, we have to! The list is extensive, but at the highest level, here’s what we have going on:

Would you believe that is the abbreviated list? We’re a little bit crazy, but crazy about this house. Below is a peek at our inspiration for the home. Tons more where this came from on our Pinterest.


Join us on this awesome adventure, and check out our Facebook page for daily updates.


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