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mexican tile piles

In the heart (ok, maybe more like the gallbladder) of downtown Phoenix lies the coolest spot to find authentic, absolutely beautiful Mexican tiles. The outside is a nondescript assembly of commercial train-car like buildings but the inside is a Mexican tile wonderland filled with rooms upon rooms of amazing handcrafted tiled floors, walls and ceilings.

We dropped in to check out the selection and start putting together a plan for the new abode. Our tile needs in the new house include the stair fronts (aka risers) and upstairs bathrooms.

Their selection is vast and includes standard ceramic tiles, saltillo tiles (in some pretty unique shapes), porcelain tiles and hand-painted cement tiles. Our favorite are the muted cement tiles, however the size we need for the risers makes it difficult to use those.

For the the master bath, we’re going with something like this (we CAN do the awesome painted cement tiles on the bathroom floor) along with a glazed saltillo fleur de lis tile for the wainscoting.

For the stair risers, we’re considering alternating 3 different rows/patterns of these ceramic tiles.

We’re not quite sold on these 3, Brandon still wants to find a way to do the more muted tiles on the stairs. It was great to get some samples and start putting together a plan and budget – when all that’s really going on in the house this week is demo demo and more demo. What do you think of the 3 different tiles for the stairs? Yay or neigh?

To visit this hidden gem –

Handcrafts of Mexico

2437 E Jackson St

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