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Summer Maternity We’ve all seen the movie, you know, the one where the woman is 9+ months pregnant and waddling around until BAM her water breaks (just a nice clear splash of water on the floor) and then is instantly rushed to the hospital by her nervous but witty and doting husband. Cut to the delivery room where the whacky doc has some metaphoric one liner, mom pushes a couple times, probably grunts and screams and maybe (just maybe if the director is feeling a little avant-garde) adds some sweat pouring down dear mommy’s face until finally, the beautiful babe is expelled into the universe. Now I’m still very pregnant with this little one, so I can’t vouch that it’s not exactly what actually does happen, but I can say the days leading up to that scene have been left on the cutting room floor.

They are long and tiring and filled with Googling every possible symptom and sign of labor imaginable. How often should my contractions be? Wait is this a contraction? What the heck is a mucus plug and someone mentioned something about a bloody show….like Walking Dead?? Then before you know it you find yourself in chat forums with other moms also 39 weeks pregnant with screen names like GeTtHiSbAbYOuT and YoloMom1. *sigh* Waiting for baby is exhausting, but guess what, it’s also the most amazing experience I’ve known to date. There’s an actual, fully functional little one inside me that is just timing his entrance to the world perfectly. Unfortunately I’m most likely going to mess up his plans by having a scheduled C-section in the coming days due to some health concerns. All that matters is a healthy baby and healthy mom so tis the plan unless he decides to come earlier.

So, in short, here are my takeaways in these final hours –

Until next time, when 2 Olivers become 3….wish us luck!



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