refinishing old floors

Walking into a potential home and finding hardwood floors is like waking up on Christmas morning to find exactly what you asked Santa for. Too many times homeowners will slap some wood cleaner on them and call it a day, but sanding down and refinishing your old hardwood floors is worth every penny. Now, this is something that some home owners could do on their own but with the cost of renting the equipment and the risk of doing something wrong, we decided to let the professionals handle it. We were referred by several neighbors to talk to Vinnie from here in Phoenix. He did a great job at a great price which allowed us to focus on the dozens other home projects we were working on everyday. We first had our floors stripped down and then asked Vinnie to stain samples for us to choose from. We had already done the really dark ebony hard wood floors thing before in the loft (wait for future posts on what a nightmare that was) so once we saw how beautiful the original wood color was under the years of polish and wear and tear, we choose to go with just the sealant without any color (the choice on the far right). This made a HUGE difference in the room we spend the most time and helped make the room feel a lot bigger, all for under a thousand bucks!

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